Well, it wasn’t the first official game, since last night’s match-up between the Twins and the Nats was an exhibition game. A friend of mine pointed out that this could have been called a Nats-Senators game, since the Twins were the old Senators team. In any event, it was a great time. The weather couldn’t have been better, and all the players looked pretty good, despite Jayson Werth missing two catches out in left and Tanner Roark committing a throwing error from the mound. The most pleasant part of the game was seeing Trea Turner, our future shortstop, make a sac fly in the 8th that gave us back the lead in a 3-3 tie game. That kid is pure gold, and I look forward to seeing him again.

Papelbon came on to close in the 9th, and there were some scattered boos as he took the mound, but the boos dissipated as he quickly retired the side, thus doing his job as our closer. I know that a lot of people are still angry at him for the Great Choke Out, but the dude has apologized, Harper has said it’s all over, and we have him on contract for the 2016 season. Deal with it.