The first game of the Nats/Tigers series came after a devastating 4 game sweep by the Cubs in Chicago. The Nats had ample opportunity to win the last two games of that series, but bad hitting and missed opportunities doomed the team to a sweep after a fantastically successful series against the defending World Series champions, the Kansas City Royals. So the lads come home to face the Tigers in interleague play. In the first inning Stephen Strasburg gave up a two run homer, but the Nats struck back later in the game. The Tigers did the same, so that by the 9th inning the score was tied 4-4. When Danny Espinosa was called out on strikes, he was visibly upset, but his being upset was overshadowed by Bryce Harper’s ejection from the dugout. Reason for the ejection? According to the home plate umpire, Harper was jawing about the strike call. Harper should have departed the dugout, but Clint Robinson came up to pinch hit for Shawn Kelly, delivering a bomb of a walk off home run. Harper came out to join the celebration at home plate, then was shown clearly yelling “Fuck you” to the home plate umpire.

Naturally this has been the topic of discussion in the baseball world all day. Harper is a brash, arrogant young man, who also happens to be one of the best baseball players to come along in a generation. With youth comes bad behavior, such as his intemperate comment of “where’s my ring” at the start of the 2015 season, and his comments about making baseball fun again. He has generated a lot of love and hate all over the country. The Braves’ fans truly hate him, as Harper allegedly dragged his foot through the Braves’ logo during an at bat in Turner field.

Frankly, I love Bryce Harper, but I sure hope that he quickly develops some maturity, along with an understanding of how much he means to the game and its future. My youngest nephew is 4 years old, and I sure don’t want him to have the image of one of the best players in baseball yelling “Fuck you” at an umpire. Granted, some umps may deserve this, along with being called a cocksucker, but there is a graceful and accepted way for a player to show disdain for bad calls. Yelling fuck you after your ejection and after your team has won with a walk off homer is NOT the way to do it.