Let’s review the record, shall we? The Nats are at 50-35 and sitting atop the NL East. The Brewers are at 37-46, 8 games behind the Cubs in the NL Central, and it is more likely that the Holy Roman Empire will be revived than the Brewers becoming the NL Central division champions. With all that being said, why is it that the Nats can’t put the Brewers away? We lose a 1-0 game to them on 4 July, and last night Gio Gonzalez decides to shit the bed, giving up at least one hit an inning before departing the mound. We had a 1-0 lead, then Gio decided to let the Brewers tie it up. Apparently a tie wasn’t enough for the lad, so in the 6th he decided “fuck it, let me serve up a 2 run homer to Perez”. Ugh! Guys, you need to FEAST on weak teams like the Brewers, not lose series to them! Today’s game is somewhat meaningless, as the Brewers have already won the 3 game series with last night’s win, but please! Let’s win this afternoon and wash the stench of brauts out of our park. And Gio, you’re a really nice guy, but you have GOT to get your act together after the All Star break. There’s a very good chance that the Nats will be headed for post season play. You can’t have a melt down in the 7th inning of Game 5 of the NLDS, or God help us, Game 7 of the NLCS. Get with the program son!