I’ve been purposely avoiding any and all news coverage of the Republican national convention because 1) I’m not a Republican, and 2) the modern convention is nothing more than an extended infomercial that is less entertaining than advertisements for boner pills or feminine hygiene products. That being said, I couldn’t avoid the news this morning about Mrs. Melania Trump’s speech to the convention last night. From NPR to the New York Times to the every-snarky and bitchy Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now!”, all anyone is talking about is how Melania’s speech was strikingly similar to the speech Michelle Obama gave to the 2008 Democratic convention.

Obviously Mrs. Trump didn’t write the speech herself. I can’t imagine any public figure or politician writing their own speeches these days, as that would require significant intellectual lifting, which most public figures and politicians don’t have. I’m willing to bet that Mrs. Trump’s staff looked at past speeches from wives of presidential candidates to conventions, copied and pasted the best of those speeches, matched the words and phrasing to Mrs. Trump’s speaking style, and voila! Instant success!

Only, not so fast. See the problem with the social media age, and with candidates who are despised by a large swath of the electorate (I’m looking at YOU, Mr. Trump), is that there is always someone out there who is waiting to pounce on any and all mistakes you or anyone on your staff makes. Twitter and Facebook lit up last night as the speech was being delivered, comparing it to Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech. So now our media geniuses will spend the rest of the day talking about the “plagiarism scandal”. I don’t view it as a scandal. Stupid, yes. Scandalous? Not so much. The scandal is that this is what passes for news in this country and during this election cycle, where the media has truly been wretched.